Not Sure About Electronic Cigarette Smoking

ecigblogsI have been smoking electronic cigarettes for the past few months and I am not sure that this is something that I like. I know that many people say that this is a great gateway to quitting smoking for good, but I find that I crave regular cigarettes a lot and I end up smoking a few here and there. You would think that I would smoke less since it has been a while, but my cravings are out of control and I am one of those people that is not keen on denying my urges.

I think that the biggest problem I have is that electronic cigarettes and e juice liquid don’t really feel or taste like my regular brand. While they do help out in the moment most of the time, I crave the flavor I am used to and the feeling I get when I grip a cigarette. I am thinking that I want to change brands before I just give up and go back to smoking my regular brand. There are a good variety of options out there, which means that i may have to sample a good amount before I find something I can stick with.